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You need at least Node.js v12 to install and run Betterer.

Adding Betterer to your project#

The easiest way to get up and running with Betterer is to use the init script via npx:

# Run this from the root of your project:npx @betterer/cli init

Running this command will:

  1. Add @betterer/cli as a devDependency to your package.json
  2. Add a betterer script to your package.json
  3. Create a blank .betterer.ts file in the root of your project

Running npx @betterer/cli init will modify your project's package.json file, so you probably want to make sure all your changes are saved first!

Init Options#

You can pass the following options to the init script:

-c, --config [path]Path to test definition file relative to CWD./.betterer.ts

Betterer uses TypeScript by default! If you pass a --config path that ends with .js, JavaScript will be used instead and TypeScript will not be installed.

Read more about Init#

Installing Betterer dependencies#

You'll need to install the new dependency with your package manager of choice:

Run yarn to install @betterer/cli

That's it!#

You're all ready to go! 🎉